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    3 days

Welcome to Swish City

Welcome to the NBA 2K League's Swish City stand, a vibrant fusion of urban flair and basketball excitement brought to life by The Hanging House at Abu Dhabi Comic-Con.

Our concept, 'Swish City,' was more than just a stand; it was an immersive experience designed to captivate NBA2K fans. Visitors stepped onto a dynamic basketball court, surrounded by the pulse of the game and the energy of fellow enthusiasts.

Swish City boasted 12 virtual reality gaming stations, real basketball arcade games, and interactive photo booths for data collection, all set against an urban backdrop that screamed street-style cool. Our design, anchored in the core values of Integrity, Teamwork, Respect, and Innovation, ensured every visitor felt part of the NBA universe.

Navigating challenges like integrating existing gaming pods seamlessly into Swish City and prioritizing guest safety with creative measures, our team crafted a stand that was as exhilarating as sinking a game-winning three-pointer.

Visitors joined us at Swish City, where the NBA 2K experience met the excitement of Comic-Con in an unforgettable fusion of sport and entertainment.