The Hanging House is an experiential agency where tech and creativity share the same home. We catalyse powerful human connections through immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression, opening uncharted portals for brands and their audiences.

Our Goal is Clear

Harmonize creativity and technology seamlessly to craft experiences that are disruptive, innovative, and above all, human.

The House Code

Authenticity - we like to keep it real
Creativity - always paint outside the lines
Innovation - the box doesn’t exist for us
Collaboration - colliding great minds
Flawless Execution - nailing it like a pro
They dictate our daily actions, navigate our ventures, and fine-tune our approach.


Awards & Nominations

Brand Activation Campaign
of the Year
— WOW Awards

Best Stand Design & Build
— Middle East Event Award

People & Culture of the Year

Best Sustainable Initiative
— Middle East Event Award

Outstanding Brand Activation Event
— Middle East Event Award

Our Culture

Here at The Hanging House, we don't follow the usual playbook. We think that your talents should run wild and free. What might look strange or a bit crazy to some folks, we see as the last step before something amazing happens. We don't like holding creativity back because it's not fun and it's been done before. Instead, we dive into the things we love, finding something special every time. That's why our work is different and stands out.