Powering a path for the digital leaders of a new age

The Dubai Career Fair is one of the most sought-out events in the emirates that provides an annual stage for the country’s youth to gain exposure to employment opportunities across the region.

As one of the leading telecom names in the nation, du chose to root its presence at this event and attract a batch of fresh and diverse talent.

With a mission to unlock young potential and carry the Emirati legacy forward, we designed a bold and dynamic stand with a unique user journey that served to both educate the youth and bridge their first steps towards entering the workspace.

A gamified route

Handed a RFID card on entry, the visitors mapped their progress through the activations with a 0-100 level-up system. The card ‘charged up’ with each interaction and could only be used to access the final activation at a whopping 75%.

This system offered a ‘quest-like’ gamified experience for the youths and ensured that they were prepped enough to fill out a job application at the final interaction.

- First stop – 5G Race: Experience the breakneck speeds of 5G via game. The visitor can charge their cards up to 25% upon completion.

- Second stop – Test your IQ and receive a prize (50%): Brush up on all those techy facts and score big to receive giveaways at the vending machines. The vending machines also enable them to charge their cards up to 50%.

- Third stop – Photo Op: Fill in the blanks at this crafty photo op by posing with your sign of choice to complete the sentence “Together for a _________ future.” In one-shot, the visitors stir up a buzz on their socials and amp up their card levels to 75%.

- Final stop – Fill the application: A quick and hassle-free way to apply for a position at du via iPads. This stop concludes the visitor’s RFID journey at a full 100%.

The stand also boasted a rest-stop – a place to kick back, sip on an assortment of iced teas, and network. An ‘interview room’ was also introduced for the du staff to have a one-on-one with promising candidates.