Smart and sustainable

As the face of the emirate’s evolving urban sights, Dubai Municipality sought to enhance their image as the new-age enablers of a smart and sustainable future.

Stirring a blend of tech and imagination, we built a stand that breathed as one with the visitors, thus, perfectly communicating the brand’s people-first stance.

And so, we built the Wadi Escapade – an escape room interaction that appeals to the younger crowds via immersive, educational storytelling.

Pioneering the digital world

We ideated a concept that presented a brighter future through the lens of technology. With an open layout, digital built, and responsive structures, the stand drew the attention of curious onlookers and tech-savvy crowds alike.


- Drainage Project Hologram & DM Satellite

The warm lighting and logo-based designs injected the brand’s personality into the layout and gave visitors a chance to explore its initiatives via state-of-the-art activations.

The digital and contactless nature of the interactions adhered to the COVID-19 protocols and brought the green and forward vision of the brand to life.

Tech on display

- Holographic displays

- Reactive flooring

- Interactive Screens

- Underlit 3D models with a transparent and responsive interface

- A gamified VR experience

- LED floor panelling

- Vending machines