• People shifted away
  • Interactive art installations
  • Ideation to execution
    30 days
  • Event runtime
    2 days

A Celebration of Color & Connection

The Quoz Arts Fest brought together artists and art lovers from all over the city for a celebration of creativity and community. Amidst the vibrant displays of paintings, sculptures, and installations, two activations stood out as truly unique and unforgettable experiences.

The first activation was “The World in Technicolor,” a colorful maze that transported visitors back in time while also inspiring hope for a bright future. The second activation, “Stranger Flings”, is a portal that allowed festival-goers to communicate with others from another area of the festival, was truly out-of-the-box. This innovative idea brought people together, creating a sense of community in a fun and unique way.

The combination of art, technology, and human connection made the festival truly special, and visitors left with a renewed appreciation for the power of creativity and community.