Let your wonder shine

Looking to put a spin on their image and lasso in a younger, trend-savvy audience, the international brand sought to highlight the much-anticipated sequel to the DC’s wildly popular Amazonian hero, Wonder Woman.

Our ideation turned heads at the heart of VOX theatres located in one of Dubai’s most popular hotspots – Mall of the Emirates.

Fit for a hero

We crafted a stand that embodied the hero’s red and gold motifs and input subtle LED strips into the structures to give it an appearance of ‘glowing from within’.

Just desserts

A central pedestal put the wide variety Häagen-Dazs flavours on display where the visitors could score their pick of free ice cream.

The Dazs dancer

The stand also featured a dance game where visitors stepped on pressure-activated arrow tiles to ‘move’ in sync with the choreography on-screen.

Scoop the treats

The visitors could work their way to the top of the leader board with a motion-based game to collect the falling ingredients in an ice cream cup.

The higher the scores the grander the earnings from a Limited-Edition Indulgence Box to a WW84 T-shirt.

Keeping it cool

Strategically placed at the theatres, the stand attracted the movie-going crowds with its striking, theme-centric built, engaging activations, and sweet indulgences.

Visitors played a round of games as they waited for their screenings, took selfies with their scoreboards, and kicked back with a chilled treat.