Survival in the sands

Following the grand success of the Wadi Escape, Emirates Nature-WWF wanted to launch another head-turner to draw in the younger crowds – with a special focus on sustainability this time.

The NPO sought a relatable and educational experience that highlighted the importance of living in harmony with nature.


And so, we proposed an escape room – on wheels! The highly mobile, customized 12x6 feature was the first-of-its-kind in the region and built from scratch using sustainable materials.


The visitors participated in teams of 2-5 as a group of adventurers who end-up stranded on an excursion. Following a trail of clues, they worked as one to find a way to call for rescue before sundown.

The activation had a run-time of 10 mins and was split into two sections: the Desert and the Desert Conservation Centre.

Déjà vu?

Natural elements like sand, plants, rocks were used to transform the visuals into a desert landscape and a mounted prop of a realistic Nissan Patrol bumper strengthened the narrative.

The scenario struck a relatable chord in the target audience groups who often head out on excursions themselves.

A thriving environment is key

The visitors received instruction to gain access to the Desert Conservation Centre from clues strewn about the environment – and to preserve the habitat via a set of rules while they were at it.

Litter-free zone

Based on a listed set of eco-rules, the group quickly moved to first clear the piles of trash on the ground.

Doing so triggered the weight sensors at the base of the dustbin, thus unlocking a nearby chest which held their next clue - a key to the stuck car’s trunk.

Blinded by the lights – and sounds

The group then moved to turn off the headlights and turn down the music from the back of the car in line with the Centre’s advice to minimize all bright lights and loud sounds that could disturb the wildlife.

Switching off the lights unlocked the glove box that held a flashlight. The visitors then used the flashlight to unveil a hidden message on the wall of the Desert Conservation Centre.

The Houbara’s call

Decoding the message, they entered the Centre at last to call for help.

Decked out with desks, chairs, a computer, a telephone, a fridge, and research materials on the Houbara bird, the Centre provided shelter – and contrast – from the previous environment.

The group was then tasked to solve a four-piece Houbara puzzle that would finally unveil a helpline number to call for rescue.

And we’re out!

The helpline operator then provided a geographical latitude – a secret code to unlock the final door and escape for good!

Rev up the Eco

The self-sufficient mobile activation saved up to 49,000kW of energy and around 350 litres of fuel by eliminating the need for external transportation.

The caravan used alternative materials to replace wood and plastic in its built and kept waste to a minimum.

The interaction was later built on a virtual platform, making it a 100% eco-friendly experience. (add hyperlink to virtual experience website)

A Success Story

- The Desert Survival Escape Room bagged the ‘Outstanding Brand Activation Event’ at the Middle East Event Awards 2020. (embed Instagram link)

- The ENWWF received multiple sponsorships within the duration of the execution – about 60% of the venues were decided as the event was ongoing.

- ENWWF now hosts the interaction as a permanent part of their program.