Launch to the top

Yahsat, a global name for satellite solutions, came to us with a sole mission - to educate the masses on all that they do.

We put our heads together to explore a range of concepts before landing on a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. Namely, a satellite-themed board game.

Our simple, visual approach used the popular fun + learning formula to deliver a life-size interaction that would appeal to ages from all walks of life.

It goes beyond science

The pop-up featured a model rocket set on a pedestal with a colourful, interactive dial at its base.

This remote-activated dial served as the game’s ‘dice’, controlling the visitor’s movements across the board as they tried to reach the goal.

The game also featured a round of questions that the visitors had to attempt before they could ‘roll the dice’ again. This segment added another layer of challenge to the game and gave the players a deeper insight into the brand’s themes and values.

The winners walked away with a variety of prizes ranging from VR goggles to colouring pencils.

Get virtual

Our immersive VR pods gave visitors a chance to hitch a ride to ‘space’ where they followed the satellite’s journey from launch to installation.

A snap in space

Built with an authentic Yahsat satellite, this larger-than-life photo-op was the ideal spot for those looking to make a memory among the stars.

The camera and lights were set-up to snap a top-down view of the visitors and the realistic 2D design gave the platform an immersive atmosphere. Posing under the shadow of the satellite, the visitors looked to be happily drifting through ‘space’.

Soaring anew

Our ideation set the stage for audience curiosity sparked by a unique spin on an age-old concept.

As a universally recognized pastime, the board game attracted players and spectators alike. Visitors learned all about the brand through a series of gamified experiences that drew on educative, family-friendly themes to make a lasting impression.